Tuesday, October 27, 2015



1. Irapada ! itan iyanu
Ihin ayo fun gbogbo wa
Jesu ti ra ‘dariji fun wa
O san ‘gbese na lor’igi

A ! elese gba ihin na gbo
Jo gba ihin oto na gbo
Gbeke re le Olugbala re
T’O mu igbala fun o wa

2. O mu wa t’inu ‘ku bo si ‘ye
O si so wa d’om’Olorun
Orisun kan si fun elese
We nin’eje na ko si mo

3. Ese ki y’o le joba wa mo
B’o ti wu ko dan waw o to
Nitori Kristi fi ‘rapada
Pa ‘gbara ese run fun wa

4. Gba anu t’Olorun fi lo o
Sa wa s’odo Jesu loni
‘Tori y’o gb’enit’o ba t’o wa
Ki yi o si da pada lae. Amin.

Redemption! oh, wonderful story
1. Redemption! oh, wonderful story
Glad message for you and for me;
That Jesus has purchased our pardon,
And paid all the debt on the tree.

Believe it, O sinner, believe it;
Receive the glad message -'tis true;
Trust now in the crucified Savior,
Salvation He offers to you.

2.From death unto life He has brought us,
And made us by grace sons of God;
A fountain is opened for sinners;
Oh, wash and be cleansed in the blood!

3. No longer shall sin have dominion,
Though present to tempt and annoy;
For Christ, in His blessed redemption,
The power of sin shall destroy.

4. Accept now God's offer of mercy;
To Jesus, oh hasten today;
For He will receive him that cometh,
And never will turn him away.


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