Sunday, January 17, 2016

O fun mi l'edidi

O fun mi l'edidi,
'Gbese nla ti mo je,
B'o ti fun mi, o si  rerin,
Pe, “Mase gbagbe mi!”

O fun mi l'edidi,
o san igbese na;
B'o ti fun mi, o si rerin,
Wi pé, “Ma ranti mi!”

N ó p'edidi na mo,
B'igbese tile tan;
o n so ife eni t'o san,
Igbese naa fun mi.

Mo wo, mo si rerin
Mo tun wo, mo sokun;
eri ife Re si mi ni,
N ó toju re titi.
Ki tun s'edidi mo,
Sugbon iranti ni!
Pe gbogbo igbese mi ni,
Emmanueli san.



  1. Good day sir!
    Can you tell me the english version of this song?
    O fun mi l'edidi ...
    Julius Awoyeye.

  2. I got it.
    He gave me a seal
    Of the great debt I owe
    And as He have, He smiled and said,
    "Always, remember Me.

  3. This song keeps coming up in my heart. It brings fresh to me my dedication to Christ who paid it all for me. Am glad I find the song here. All Glory to Christ. GOD Bless you!

  4. Thank you very much for this. It's such a blessing